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Hoy os traemos esta gran noticia acerca del servicio a bordo de MEA y de la mano de nuestro amigo Omar, esperando que os guste.

Hello aviators!

Today I share with you special news from Lebanon’s flag carrier, Middle East Airlines – Air Liban. 

After months of hardship for the Lebanese carrier during the global pandemic COVID-19, grounding its fleet for weeks in the months of March and April and being one of the very few airlines across the world for not cutting jobs, today, MEA returns back to its full onboard service and offering hot meal services on all of its destinations for both Business and economy class passengers. 

In the beginning of the global pandemic, airlines, including Middle East Airlines, have introduced snack boxes that are contactless between the passenger and the crew during the flight. The boxes offer sandwiches, juice, water and some crackers. These snack boxes were available for all destinations, ensuring that MEA’s hospitality and generosity is still offered to all of its passengers. The picture below shows what the snack box looked like:

On September 23rd of 2020, MEA chairman Mohamad El-Hout, has reintroduced hot meals onboard all of its flights from and to Beirut’s Rafik Al-Hariri international airport, while ensuring at the same time that the airline still maintains COVID-19 safety and health regulations and procedures onboard its flights. Typical Lebanese food cuisine, such as Lebanese knefe and many other mouth-watering dishes are available for its passengers to choose from. 

Middle East Airlines is known to offer multiple meal options on its flights rather than only one option like competing airlines in the market. Below are some flavourome and tasty meal pictures from the airline:

Middle East Airlines have also increased their passenger flights recently, as some international airports have relaxed their lockdown measures such as Saudi Arabia, MEA can now resume its normal passenger flights to cities such as Riyadh and Jeddah and many other cities in different MEA network destinations.

PCR tests are obligatory upon all passengers leaving or arriving into Beirut as they must take the PCR test in the country they are in before entering Lebanon, and present their result certificate upon arrival into Beirut’s Rafik Al-Hariri international airport.

Middle East Airlines is looking to welcome you back onboard!

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